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Ambition Buy the book singly or as a package with my album Shallow and Deeper.
A strong desire to do or achieve; aspiration; typically requiring determination, dedication and hard work (to do, to be) object of such desire.

The Book

So many people pass through this life never knowing or understanding what their true goal happens to be. Though many enjoy their job, the everyday slog with the occasional free moments and annual holidays may only allow them to dream of the things that they would love to do or the person they'd love to be. Mayhew's book gives one person's personal story so far and itself just maybe the key to achieving a dream that has always had to take a back seat throughout his life till now.

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The CD - Shallow and Deeper

I have decided I will dedicate this album to the late, great David Bowie, in tribute to my old friend's outstanding contribution to contemporary music and culture. The album, entitled Shallow and Deeper, is a collection of 12 original songs.

I joined Bowie in late 1971 as his sound man and was responsible for sound­engineering all of his Ziggy Stardust acclaimed concert performances around the world, between 29th January 1972 and 3rd July 1973. I must credit Bowie for musically opening my eyes and influencing my life with his innovation and originality. We worked very closely before and while touring together for 18 months, during which we developed a close working and personal relationship. This was an exciting, rewarding and formative period in my life that has been a source of inspiration ever since. David didn't break rules, he wrote new ones. His intelligence, creativity, innovation and courage effected a huge change in popular culture ­­ change that endures to this very day.

Shallow and Deeper is an eclectic compilation of original songs, all, except track 12, written and produced by me. Track 12 uses Lou Reed's 1974 backing band's composition by Weis, Fonfara and John with lyrics by me and I sing on 10 of the 12 titles, each to appeal to listeners of all tastes and ages. While I can't say my music compares with David Bowie's, the dedication of my CD to his memory is a heartfelt tribute to a unique and unforgettable friend.

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The Package

Buy both Ambition, the book and a copy of Shallow and Deeper.


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