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The UK's number one organisation for voluntary music, Making Music is there to support and champion amateur musicians and music groups.

"What About Us?"

Read Canadian author Bruce Welsh's well-researched insight into the 1960s British recording groups (including The Presidents) which helped shape the sounds of the sixties - but never set foot in North America.

Click the link below to listen to the Radio Sidney Canada What About Us radio show featuring my 1960s band, The Presidents.

Click here to listen to the show index.htm


Legendary guitarist and co-founder of Iron Butterfly

The Hi-Fi's were a gigging band from the sixties performing for over 10 years with 17 members. Check out their website at for the full story.

The songs you know. Playing he greatest hits from the fifties and sixties.


Peter-Robert Koenig's essay about David Bowie.

Turner high performance amplifiers
(The  "Hercules" is coming soon)

A British Rock n Roll label
One of Chicagoland’s finest catering services!

Cruisin Radio

New Rock 'n' Roll radio station called Cruisin Radio that I'm sure will be of interest to, among others, many rockers of a certain age :-) It plays a huge variety of 50s Rock and Roll through the various ages of Rock, Blues, Pop and other music - They have The Presidents' releases Candy Man and Let the Sun Shine In on the playlist!!.


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