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  Song Writing and Production
The song writing and production secton is a library of projects I have been involved with in various capacities over recent years. . If you have a song idea whether just the lyric or lyric and basic music please send it in or contact me with your details and let's see if together we can expand it. Alternatively, if you hear anything in this library that you want to expand on or contribute to let me know.
'Victims of Intelligence'
Here is an essay drawing attention to increase in the use of antidepressants , alcohol consumption and drug use in our modern day society. It finishes with a pilot lyric for a song which, if set to music and became popular, could help many people understand why this is happening.

'Butterfly Lullaby'
Robin Mayhew music and production- words John Catanach
Performed and recorded 2013 by Jack Elliott (16) of St Phillip's Catholic High School, Barnham, West Sussex.
Musical Poem highlighting the demise of the British Butterlies and Moths

Please join in the celebration. Learn and sing this carol at the top of your voice.

Our leaders want us all to think about competition, achievement and making a success of our lives . With the fantastic momentum given to us by the London 2012 Games we should be able to turn things around. Businesses, Workers, Teachers, Parents, Grandparents, Schools, Clubs, Choirs, anyone and everyone can help by singing this song and taking on board the message contained in the words.
New Seniors' Songs
This I believe will be great - all senior visitors please have a look


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